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Support your Mediterranean friends.

  • motor over boat
  • Solar panels over motor over boat

We need your help to continue to explore Adriatic Sea.

We are a local organisation that provides support and expertise within the local community of adventurous travellers of the Adriatic Sea, to potential volunteers & contributors, who like traveling and organisations that involve ecological approaches to sea travel.

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Stilian Theodhosi Bajram Curri , 1000 Tiranë, ALB

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Volunteer opportunities


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Want to volunteer?

We’ve had an incredible response so far, and are doing everything we can to respond to everyone who wants to volunteer in one of our community programmes.

Are you a business?

We are uniting our resources around this challenge, and we are combining our resources and asks to make it easy for people to support their communities.

Hear more from our community.

Motor and boat

Adriatic coast exploration

In spring, there is a migration of fish from Ionian sea to the north, in Adriatic coast. Birds fly all along greater distances. Meanwhile we, people, travel by means of documentaries sometime …


We believe in your creativity and vision. Adriatic sea will be the sea of explorers. Join this enterprise.

Do you want to build your boat and drive it with your motor? Then you’ve come to the right webpage, which promotes courage and breakthrough in tourism at the sea.

“So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.”

Norton Juster